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8 Dec - 7 Jan

Don't miss Cinderella, our fun-filled, family pantomime for Christmas 2017.

TICKETS: £13.50 - £21.00*

Don't miss Cinderella, our fun-filled, family pantomime for Christmas 2017.

Once again, the show will be written by Paul Hendy and produced by Evolution, the same team behind Peter Pan.

Cinderella promises to be our biggest and most spectacular pantomime ever, so don't be late for the ball...

Book Today!

Various times and prices. See schedule to right for more details.

Early Bird Prices available until 31 March 2017.

A £1 ticket levy is included in all stated ticket prices.

Family Saver 4 Tickets (2 Adults & 2 Children or 1 Adult & 3 Children)
Available on all green performances:  £61


Thursday 4 January 2018 at 6.30pm
No Flashing Merchandise Performance


Sunday 10 December 2017 at 11am
Relaxed Performance* & BSL Signed Performance
* For customers with disabilities, including those on the autistic spectrum, with helpful changes made to our show and auditorium.

Sunday 7 January 2018 at 11am
Stagetext Captioned Performance

Fri 8 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 9 Dec2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 9 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 10 Dec11:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 10 Dec3:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Tue 12 Dec10:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Tue 12 Dec1:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Wed 13 Dec10:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Wed 13 Dec1:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Thu 14 Dec10:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Thu 14 Dec1:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Fri 15 Dec10:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Fri 15 Dec1:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 16 Dec2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 16 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 17 Dec11:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 17 Dec3:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Tue 19 Dec10:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Tue 19 Dec1:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Wed 20 Dec10:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Wed 20 Dec1:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Thu 21 Dec10:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Thu 21 Dec1:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Fri 22 Dec2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Fri 22 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 23 Dec2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 23 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 24 Dec11:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 24 Dec3:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Tue 26 Dec2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Tue 26 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Wed 27 Dec2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Wed 27 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Thu 28 Dec2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Thu 28 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Fri 29 Dec2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Fri 29 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 30 Dec2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 30 Dec6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 31 Dec11:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 31 Dec3:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Tue 2 Jan2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Tue 2 Jan6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Wed 3 Jan2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Wed 3 Jan6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Thu 4 Jan2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Thu 4 Jan6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Fri 5 Jan2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Fri 5 Jan6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 6 Jan2:00PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sat 6 Jan6:30PMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 7 Jan11:00AMOctagon TheatreBook
Sun 7 Jan3:00PMOctagon TheatreBook

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